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Bringing Outward Bound to Every Student, Everywhere
Bringing Outward Bound to Every Student, Everywhere

In 2021 and beyond,

Outward Bound USA is taking bold steps as the leader in outdoor education. Our programs are serving more students everywhere in partnership with communities and public schools from New York City and Baltimore to San Francisco. Outward Bound’s local and regional programs allow young people to explore their personal potential through nature-based experiences in their own neighborhoods. As a result, young people nationwide are cultivating a passion for the life-long adventure of learning, and discovering greater success in school, work and life.

Last year, we served 2,400 students on expeditions


Wilderness expeditions spanning several days are classic Outward Bound experiences, where we remove students from their everyday environments to introduce them to some of the most secluded and surreal settings in the country. By spending more days out on courses with Instructors, students achieve more growth in key areas of impact such as learning interest, perseverance and teamwork. 

Expeditions are our way of deepening our impact with students, as demonstrated by our outcomes data.

Last year, we served 2,400 students on expeditions
15,533 students on community-based programs
15,533 students on community-based programs


Outward Bound programs, in partnership with communities and K-12 schools, are providing the space and support for kids to experience true growth. To find their passion and purpose in places they didn't expect. To learn to value failure alongside success. In other words, Outward Bound students everywhere are discovering there are no limits to what they can accomplish when they experience life-changing growth, community and connection to the outdoors. 

Community-Based Impact Across the United States

As an educational organization committed to meeting the needs of our students and the communities we serve, we asked The PEAR Institute to study, review and report on Outward Bound’s community-based programs, delivered in partnership with K-12 schools, school districts and youth-serving organizations across the United States.

key findings include

418 partnerships

were reported across 11 Outward Bound regional Schools including 128 community-based organizations, 11 districts, 266 public, private, and charter schools, and 13 postsecondary institutions.

87% of programming

came from group enrollment courses with practices supporting social-emotional learning and conditions for learning.

Students were more racially and linguistically diverse

including Black, Indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC) and students who speak a language other than English at home.

Opportunities Ahead

The study found that there are opportunities to strengthen fundraising for community-based programs by leveraging existing data, clarifying the national brand identity, defining consistent program models, and forming national partnerships. Learn more about how Outward Bound works with community partners to multiply our impact.

At the heart of
outward bound


With over 1 million Outward Bound USA alumni strong, we are a diverse community of people whose future trajectories were impacted by Outward Bound. This community is at the heart of what we do everyday to inspire alumni to lead lives of purpose and compassion. In 2021, we created opportunities across the system to engage our alumni and share their stories and memories, to showcase today’s Outward Bound student experience, to connect with other alumni and to support the next generation to go Outward Bound.

As a student, staff or a supportive family member, you are always Outward Bound! Help us grow our nationwide network of leaders by joining the Outward Bound Alumni Community.

events across the states

Outward Bound USA gathered hundreds of alumni via virtual and in-person events. Outward Bound hosted a series of virtual learning events, including Inspiring Bold Futures: The Student Experience, Inspiring Bold Futures: The Alumni Experience and The Upside of Outside: Learning Beyond the Classroom. Regional schools, from Philadelphia Outward Bound School to Northwest Outward Bound School and Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School, hosted in-person activities for alumni to hike, cook, attend presentations and celebrate their journeys of discovery, together.


With thousands of alumni nationwide, we love connecting with this community to learn about their course memories and hear how the Outward Bound experience inspired them to live a bold future. 

Catch up with the alumni and Instructors from Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School.

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Amani Duncan

Leadership Is Not About Being Out Front

Outward Bound alumna, Amani Duncan, joined the OBUSA Board of Directors in the fall of 2021. Meet Amani as she shares her inspiring career journey and learn how her Outward Bound expedition transformed her perspective and life path. 

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The data represented is from the Outward Bound Outcomes Survey.  Permission to use the Outward Bound Outcomes Survey (OBOS) was obtained from PEAR.