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With support from individuals, institutions, and passionate alumni, we deliver immersive outdoor learning experiences for young people nationwide. Outward Bound USA strategically allocates revenues to support key operations including program development, staff training tools and resources, safety and risk management, investments for national and regional initiatives, and other efforts to advance Outward Bound's brand and educational mission. Each year, we adjust these allocations based on resources, demand, and evaluation outcomes.

In 2022, with your support, we were able to reach thousands of students with life-changing experiences. It’s important to us that we are transparent with you about where your gifts go, so we’ve created a breakdown of the ways your contributions made a difference throughout our 60th Anniversary year. Take a look.

2022 Revenue
Charter Fees
other revenue
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2022 Expenses
Grants awarded to charters
General management and Administration
fundraising and development
Total Expenses
I’ve learned how to communicate more clearly and how to voice my needs effectively, have grown my compassion and respect for others, and have expanded my work ethic and sense of responsibility… Getting to push myself like I did, and spend 64 days in my Challenge Circle gave me growth that I will carry with me in every new journey I take.
Alumna 2022



During the transition to new leadership in 2022, Outward Bound USA’s Board of Directors launched important work to inform a new national strategy. Together with leadership from each of the ten Regional Outward Bound Schools, Outward Bound USA assessed the current operational landscape and identified key areas for improvement. The new strategy would be approved in early 2023, however, multiple meetings across 2022 informed this short-term vision statement:

Outward Bound USA aims to support, amplify, and grow the capacity of our regional schools, where students are prepared with 21st-century skills to be ready for work, life, and civic leadership in an evolving world. Our work is guided by an unwavering commitment to our students, equity, adventure, and safety.

Between 2023 and 2030, OBUSA will lead, guide, and support this work through targeted initiatives designed for:

Impacting Education and Youth Development:

Create new and expanded capacity in Regional Schools by positioning Outward Bound as an educational partner to parents, schools, and corporations.

Focusing on Equity and Inclusion:

Accelerate access to the outdoors for underrepresented communities.

Improving Outward Bound Programs:

Provide a leading-edge research and development engine to continuously improve program outcomes.

Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment:

Cultivate a workplace that attracts, develops, and retains the best outdoor educators and administrative professionals in the US.

The data represented is from the Outward Bound Outcomes Survey.  Permission to use the Outward Bound Outcomes Survey (OBOS) was obtained from PEAR.