2022 60th anniversary celebration

Outward Bound USA was humbled and exhilarated by the outpouring of support for our mission at our 60th Anniversary Celebration. Student, Alum, and Assistant Instructor Mel Gonzalez, Instructor Shelby Fredrickson, and Alum and TIOBEC Board Member Eddie Jenkins shared their inspiring experiences with Outward Bound as students, instructors and community partners. If you joined us for this historic event, thank you for “being in the room where it happened!"  Through the generosity of our supporters, we raised over $750,000!

Experience our 2022 speakers:


Our sponsors amplify our impact with support for Outward Bound USA at key events and promotions throughout the year. Your financial contributions fund critical work to enhance and expand our programs, create opportunities for more students to experience Outward Bound, and support innovation in experiential education that improves access and equity. As part of Outward Bound USA’s 60th Anniversary Celebration year, our sponsors were highlighted and recognized at events and in digital and print promotions. We are honored to recognize these individuals and institutions for their commitment to our mission: to change lives through challenge and discovery.

Corporate Crew

Corporate Crew is an annual sponsorship opportunity for our corporate sponsors and donors. Participation starts at $10,000 per year, with increasing participation and benefits.

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compass rose circle

Compass Rose Circle is a way for individuals to give back, at various levels, in support of Outward Bound. These individuals supported access for underrepresented youth and communities across the USA. Participation starts at $1,000 per year, with increasing levels and benefits.

Thank You To Our 2022 Compass Rose Circle


Lee and Peg Skold    
Clay and Margaret Fowler    
Frances Ashley    
Catherine Smith and Peter Maxson    
Darren Richman    
Susan and Guy Shoemaker    
Craig and Kathy Stine    
Ginger and Geoff Worden


Alan Kreczko and Becky Latimer    Andrew Valentine    
Ari Fuad    
Atwater Kent Foundation, Inc.    Azurite Consulting    
Barbara Doran    
Benjamin Jaffray    
Brandon & Wendy Johnson Family  Foundation    
Cathy and Robert Solomon    Charles Stone    
Christopher Harte    
Clay and Margaret Fowler    
Craig and Kathy Stine    
Daniel and Ashley Fisher    
David Lu    
Elizabeth Munro    
Frances Ashley    
Geoffrey and Virginia Worden    George Frenzel    
George McCown    
Gerry Hodes    
Graham Bergh    
Henry and Edith McHenry    
J.W. Gibson    
James Davies    
James Down    
Jamie and Meg McLane    
Jarold Boettcher    
John and Alexandra Read    Jonathan and Robin Painter    
Karl Paulsen    
Kathy & Rick Walton Charitable  Foundation    
Keith and Liz Fleischman    Kenneth Gillmore    
Leen Foundation    
Linda Vance and Michael Ridder    Lisa and Erec Isaacson    
Mark and Joan Abramowitz    Mark Gibson    
Michael Abel    
Michael Dobler    
Michael Gray    
Michael Stanley    
Moreen McGurk    
Peter Baum    
R. Bruce Rich    
Ronald and Deborah Weston    Rufus Dalton    
Stephen Hassenfelt    
Susan and Guy Shoemaker  
Susan Biancani    
The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation  
The Orange Tree Foundation    
The Sealark Foundation, Inc.    
The Toby & Nataly Ritter Family  Foundation    
Thiel Butner    
Will Harte    
William Sutton

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The data represented is from the Outward Bound Outcomes Survey.  Permission to use the Outward Bound Outcomes Survey (OBOS) was obtained from PEAR.